Saudi Arabia Road Blocker

Saudi Arabia Road Blocker,

We export all road blocker types to Saudi Arabia and its all cities, such as Abhā Abqaiq, Al-Baḥah, Al-Dammām, Al-Hufūf, Al-Jawf, Al-Kharj (oasis), Al-Khubar, Al-Qaṭīf, Al-Ṭaʾif, ʿArʿar, Buraydah, Dhahran, Ḥāʾil, Jiddah, Jīzān, Khamīs Mushayt, King Khalīd Military City, Mecca, Medina, Najrān, Ras Tanura, Riyadh, Sakākā, Tabūk, Yanbuʿ.

What is Road Blocker ?

Road blockers (Block Barrier) are rising road obstacles designed for securing entrance areas with high security requirements or having a threat of vehicle attack, such as military facilities, airports, nuclear power plants, high-rise structures, embassies, banks and government facilities.

Saudi Road Blocker types are as follows;

  1. Road Blocker
  2. Stop RBT Road Blocker
  3. Telescopic Road Blocker
  4. On Ground Road Blocker
  5. Overhead Road Blocker

1- Road Blocker

Saudi Arabia Road Blocker
Saudi Arabia Road Blocker

Technical drawing;

Some Project Pictures;

2- Stop RBT Road Blocker

Saudi Arabia RBT Road Blocker
Saudi Arabia RBT Road Blocker

Installed and operating throughout Saudi Arabia, this road blocker is a reliable and effective means of protection for all categories of industrial assets in KSA.
Physically tested in the ITALY by the independent test facility AISICO This road blocker is a high quality dependable product built to withstand the impact of a 12000kg truck travelling at 81kph (50mph), in testing the road blocker stopped the truck, disabled the truck and the truck did not travel beyond the road blocker achieving a -0.3 penetration rating. To find out more about our crash testing program take a look at Certification & Testing

3- Telescopic Road Blocker

Saudi Arabia Telescopic Road Blocker
Saudi Arabia Telescopic Road Blocker

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Road Blocker Prices

The prices can vary according to the size of the product, the desired product and the details. You can get detailed information about Road Blocker Price from us.

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