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Petkim and Socar Project

Petkim and Socar Project

Crash Test – IWA, ASTM F2656 and PAS68

What is Crash Test ?

Crash Test is a product control test. With this test, Truck which approximately between 7500-12000 tonne and goes at 80 km crashes to product which focus point and as a reason, we can understand how durable the target product is. The lower the penetration, the better the result is.

On 21 August 2018 in Rome / Italy, we passed the CRASH TEST successfully at the Aisico test center. According to -0.3 penetration results we have achieved the best results in Turkey. With this test we have received IWA, ASTM F2656 and PAS68 certifications. Pictures and videos related to the product can be found under this title.

Our Service Area

First of all, we are serving Istanbul and its surroundings, Turkey and the rest of the world.

Some of Our Important Projects

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If you want to increase safety as a supplement besides our product, you can also look at our products listed below.

Özel Askeri Kamp Projesi

Taşınabilir Askeri Kamp projemiz hakkında bu sayfayı takip edebilirsiniz.

Özel Askeri Kamp Projesi ( Private Miliary Camp Project ) ile ilgili video görselimiz;

Land Forces Command (VIDEO – PICTURE)

We successfully completed the Land Forces Command Project with our Road Blocker product. Under this heading you will find videos and images related to the product.

Command of the Hawksan Land Forces Some images from our project;

Our video images;

To see our barrier products, you can switch to the Stop Barrier section on our site. You can always contact us and get detailed information.

Nato Project (Kosava) Road Blocker



Project Photo;

Abdi İbrahim / Fabric Wire


Hilton Hotel Ankara/Fixed Barrier


Eyüp Municipality/Fixed Barrier


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Anadolu Palace of Justice/Bollard Barrier Project