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Stop Grup Çit ve Bariyer Sistemleri


Stop grup, due to Human Experience Based Business Structure, Commercial Accumulation Through Different Sectors and Customer Satisfaction-Focused Service Approach, we have got a very respectable and valuable position in the sector in a short period of time. We successfully passed CRASH TEST at Aisico test center in Rome / Italy on August 21, 2018.

Stop Group is a company that is Continuing to Work for Progressive Improvement With Its Products Made with Quality Technical Materials, Investments Made and Continued to be made R&D Studies; and Most Importantly Its Qualified Technical Staff. Our company responds with the same seriousness and diligence to all kinds of requests regardless of the person and/or institution’s scale who requests the goods and/or services.

Our mission

In order to be successful in commercial sense, making positive contribution directly and indirectly in employment in parallel with producing and added value for the national economy by producing correct and high quality product and service in the domestic and abroad market.

Our vision

To Improve Our Quality Products And Services We Provide to the Technical and Humanitarian Areas, To Offering The Right Products and Services to All Private and Legal Entities Demanding Goods and/or Services As a Reputable and Valuable Brand.