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Stop Grup Çit ve Bariyer Sistemleri

On Ground Road Blocker

What is On Ground Road Blocker ?

On Ground Road Blocker is our new product and it is a security element that provides security at the highest level. It prevents the passage of unwanted vehicles and provides protection against terrorism. In the days when you need your safety, we are increasing the alternatives every day in the barrier systems.

Usage areas

Military bases, security units, judicial buildings, facilities with strategic precaution, private institutions in need of high security, etc.

Product Photos

Technical specifications

Body Structure ST 37 Steel
Moving Part St 44 Steel (10/12mm)
Working Speed 0,20m/s
Operating voltage 380 V 50 – 60 Hz
Operating temperature 25 + 60 C
Motor power 3 – 4 – 5,5 kW
Working Condition Daily 500 – 3000 lap
Protection Class K8 Security Level
Surface coating Electrostatic Paint

Product Prices

Prices can change according to product size, desired product and detail. You can get detailed information about prices from us.

Our Service Area

We serve anywhere in the world and Turkey.

Product Working Videos