Saudi Arabia Rising Bollard

Saudi Arabia Rising Bollard

Saudi Arabia Rising Bollard,

We export all rising bollard types to Saudi Arabia and its all cities, such as Abhā Abqaiq, Al-Baḥah, Al-Dammām, Al-Hufūf, Al-Jawf, Al-Kharj (oasis), Al-Khubar, Al-Qaṭīf, Al-Ṭaʾif, ʿArʿar, Buraydah, Dhahran, Ḥāʾil, Jiddah, Jīzān, Khamīs Mushayt, King Khalīd Military City, Mecca, Medina, Najrān, Ras Tanura, Riyadh, Sakākā, Tabūk, Yanbuʿ.

What is Rising Bollard ?

Automatic rising bollards offer the perfect security and traffic calming solution to areas of higher traffic flow or areas of particular risk. Our systems are perfectly programmed to work with your current system such as an automatic barrier or sliding gates or can be installed as a standalone security system. Automatic bollards are an advanced yet solid offering to repel from vehicle attacks such as ramming or through the versatile programming system can be a superb solution to closing certain roads or pathways during specific times such as high streets during shopping hours.

Saudi Rising Bollard types are as follows;

Manual Bollard – Mechanical Rising Bollard

Hydraulic Rising Bollard

Pneumatic Bollard

Electromechanical Rising Bollard

Some of Our Important Projects;

Bogazici University /Hydraulic Bollard

Lüleburgaz Municipality/Fixed Barrier