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    ASTM International
  • IWA 14
  • Pas 68
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    Türkiye Odalar Birliği
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    İstanbul Sanayi Odası
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  • ISO 9001:2008
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  • OHSAS 18001
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Rising Bollard

The Rising Bollard is a static, Stainless steel or Electro painted body environment that can pass through the tunnel where you can create a desired and threat. It has an environmental facility. There are some that can enter into this chamber and go up to the desired height from the ground. Provides training in control training with switch in training. These flights can be designed in oval and square shape.

Road Blocker

Road Blocker is a technical building element that can be used in the main and secondary entrance doors of places requiring high security measures. In addition to its deterrent effect, it contributes to security in a real sense. It has a steel body and electro-mechanical parts, working with hydraulic oil pressure. August 21, 2018 We have successfully passed the CRASH TEST/COLLIANCE TEST at the Aisico test center in Italy/Rome and received the IWA, ASTM F2656 and PAS68(K-12) certificates with this test. We achieved the best result in Turkey with a -1.3 penetration result.

Gate Products

We are at your service with High Security Panel and Wrought Iron Doors. As a manufacturer company, the products are produced by us and assembled to the address. Service Doors, Grille Doors, Folding, Rail, Double Opening Doors.

Panel Fence

Panel fence is a boundary-defining wire mesh system that provides environmental safety apart from its decorative feature. It is a product resistant to natural conditions and provides ease of use. This product can be supported with Folding, Rail, Double Opening, Service Panel Fence Doors produced from the panel fence itself and additionally with razor wires.

Grass Fence

Grass Fence is a decorative special building material applied to prevent the interior from being visible when viewed from the outside. As they resemble natural plants in terms of color and shape, they create a different decorative beauty.

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