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What is Grass Fence?

Grass Fence is a decorative special building material applied to prevent the interior from being visible when viewed from the outside.

Product Features

  • Grass fences do not cause visual pollution in the area where they are applied.
  • As they resemble natural plants in terms of color and shape, they create a different decorative beauty.
  • These materials, which have been used for years without maintenance, are also functional in terms of technical and safety.
  • They are not damaged by ultraviolet rays.
  • They provide a green color appearance in summer-winter.
  • They can be washed and cleaned at any time, and they never catch fire.

How to Install Grass Fence?

It is attached to the panel fences with different shape and color options. It can be mounted on existing fences. It can also be mounted on the outside of the building, on the walls, on the wrought iron railings. The product is tied with tie wire in the form of a roll. It is a simple product to install and can be applied to any floor. You can easily assemble it yourself whenever you want.

Product Images

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Grass Fence

Height : 80-1 00-1 20-1 50-200cm
Roll Length : 10m
Roll Diameter : 40 cm
Density: 2.700 gr/m2
Galvanized Wire : 1,60×2:3,20 mm double twisted hot dip galvanized
Artificial Grass : UV added PVC turf
Non-flammable: B2 type non-flammable material

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